The Standardbred Fan Club

Living and loving Standardbred horses!

Standardbred Horse Fan Club

The Standardbred Fan Club

established in 2004

The Standardbred Fan Club is for anyone who loves the breed!

The Standardbred Fan Club is comprised of people who have Standardbreds, are interested in the breed, want to make friends with other Standardbred owners or fans, and anyone from anywhere in the world! At present, the Club runs out of Epona Stable located in British Columbia, Canada.

The aim of the club is to educate, inform and develop resources for people who are interested in Standardbred horses.

The club strives to better the lives of former pacers by using natural and simple methods to retrain the horses with an abundance of love, language and leadership for successful and meaningful riding and competition careers.

Learn from the Specialists ~ the horses themselves and the trainers at the Standardbred Fan Club who have chosen to work with pacers over the years to develop a humane, effective and positive retraining method based on kindness, compassion, natural horsemanship and most of all, Love for these very special and talented horses.

Video Reviews

Retraining Video Reviews

What an eye-opener! I finally understand why my Standie keeps his head up so high!
Teresa K., Oregon, USA

Really good video. It's so refreshing to see these horses not being forced, not being beaten, not being tied with draw reins and ropes, not being restrained in any way in any part of the training. KUDOS TO YOUR HUMANE TRAINING METHODS - AND WHAT A SPLENDID OUTCOME.
Cathy S. Ontario, Canada

This video helped me so much with the canter. I am so relieved that my horse is fine, it's normal what she's been doing.
John A. Texas, USA

I received my dvd in the mail today. Thank you so much. Its great. Very helpful to have the steps as well as giving me time frames for training as I was worried about how fast/slow to go with Fella's training. With the dvd's help I am confident that I can train Fella on my own.
Cheryl A. Sydney, Australia

There hasn't been a video that's so easy to simply watch and begin working from. This is the video that we have been waiting so long for.
Tina and Bob A., Saskatchewan, Canada

Really great information, thank you so much.
Lisa R. Ontario, Canada