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Standardbred Retraining

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The #1 Easiest retraining method in the world

Retraining a Standardbred horse that has paced at the track can be simple and Easy. The Standardbred Fan Club's natural horsemanship approach to retraining
Standardbred horse retrained Love, kindness and compassion
the Standardbred horse is based on developing a natural relationship with your horse through understanding.

By practising simple exercises in a step by step approach, even the novice can begin to develop a trusting relationship and a riding horse that can walk, trot and canter.


Without force, 'games' or punishment,
Standardbred  horse pacing From the pace
Standardbredbred horse canter To the canter
you will gain your horse's respect and trust. The simple and easy retraining exercises are fun for your horse (and although she/he doesn't know it, also help to build the muscles and balance needed for developing the trot and canter!). The exercises are fun for us humans too ~ establishing a positive, enduring relationship with your horse based on enjoyable work together.

When horses enjoy their work, they become responsive, willing and learn.

The Standardbred Fan Club's retraining approach keeps your horse interested, focussed and you soon both become proud of your accomplishments.

Although the method will assist instructors and trainers, the DVD, Retraining The Pacer ~ Standardbred Horse Training was made primarily for the novice and rider with some riding experience who have adopted or brought home a Standardbred horse from the pacing race track or adoption agency.

Does the Method really work? See scenes from the DVD Retraining The Pacer ~ Standardbred Horse Training or some inspiring testimonials and decide for yourself!

Retraining your pacer is easy with the easy Standardbred retraining step by step format.

This DVD is the perfect gift for anyone who loves Standardbred horses.

The easy, step by step method to retrain your Standardbred horse includes:

  • - Ground work (developing a relationship with your horse)
  • - Lunging
  • - Saddling your horse
  • - Preparation for your first ride
  • - Your first ride
  • - Teach the horse to trot
  • - Teach the horse to canter
  • - Learn to stop the pace
And a brief look at your pacer's previous training at the track to gain insight into her/his past career and help you better understand how to incorporate the skills already learned into a promising and rewarding riding career!

The Standardbred Fan Club Method and Mission

The Standardbred Retraining Method is based on simple, universal horse training principles consisting of effective communication, compassion, understanding and kindness. Horses learn to trot and canter naturally without fear or punishment. The club strives to better the lives of former pacers by using humane and simple methods to retrain the horses with an abundance of love, language and leadership for successful and meaningful riding and competition careers.


Testimonials - here is what Standie owners are saying ...

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